South Africa Hospital Apologises Over Tsvangirai Picture Leak, Nurse Disciplined
18 February 2018
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A Correspondent| The Wits Donald Gordon Hospital in South Africa has apologised for the “Tsvangirai frail” picture leak in which a nurse was snapped somewhat posing for a photoshoot with the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

The Wits Gordon Hospital wrote back in response to an outcry by a nurse, Sol Masawi who sought the hospital to condemn the alleged action of the unnamed female nurse.

The move comes at a time when it was not clear whether it the nurse was guilty of the alleged offence. In the response a spokesperson said disciplinary measures had been taken.

Tertia Kruger, said in writing:

“It is with regret that we note recent posts on social media showing a photograph of Mr Tsvangirai with a nursing staff member.

We have investigated the matter and, according to the nursing staff member, the photograph was taken with the permission of Mr Tsvangirai.

We strongly condemn the appropriateness of the photograph and its subsequent distribution and confirm that disciplinary action has been taken against the nursing staff member.”