Elizabeth Still Going To Buhera For Husband’s Burial
20 February 2018
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By Farai D Hove| The late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife, Elizabeth Macheka, is travelling to Buhera, it has emerged.

Elizabeth chose not to fly for personal reasons, it has emerged.

Her mother-in-law however flew to Buhera via helicopter.

The report was made by the MDC-T Chairman, Morgan Komichi, yesterday.

Two military helicopters flew to Buhera, one of them carrying Tsvangirai’s body and the other and his mother, while another carried some party officials who include, Morgan Komichi, standing committee member Paurina Mpariwa.

Komichi told the state media, “we spoke to her, she actually accompanied the body to One Commando, but made her decision not to travel with the body. It was her personal decision.

“We had actually reserved a seat for her. She told us that she would prefer to travel by road and that is what she is doing. She is coming.”