Chinese Condoms Too Small For Zim Men
21 February 2018
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Health and Childcare minister David Parirenyatwa left the Zimbabwe Private Sector HIV/Aids and Wellness board (Zipshaw) launch in stitches on Tuesday after revealing Zimbabweans’ complained about the ‘dwarfish’ Chinese con_doms.

He said private sector should manufacture con_doms not only for Zimbabweans but for export.

Zimbabwe according to UNFPA tops con_dom distribution in Africa but uptake remaining low.

“We used to manufacture syringes, Mazongororo syringes if you remember years ago. We import con_doms from China and some people complain they are too small,” he said with a raucous laughter following thereafter from the attendants

He also reminisced on Zimbabwe’s pharmaceutical heydays.

“We had very big companies in Zimbabwe,CAPS it used to export 48 products and it shrunk. We are now looking for partners We have Datlabs, Varichem, this could be expanded,” said the minister.

Parirenyatwa also said youth fancy certain con_doms which could be a selling point for the private sector should these condoms be manufactured for the region.

“But you know in this region the Southern African region, we have the highest incidence of HIV and AID and we are promoting con_doms. Con_doms both male and female. And the youths have a particular type of con_dom that they like. But we don’t manufacture them. So Mr Manyakara, you want to be a big business, please manufacture con_doms for the region. For the region, and its not beyond us,” he said.

Source: Online