“PURE EVIL”: Kombi Ban/Operation De-congest Harare
22 February 2018
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The decision by the government to stop commuter omnibuses from entering town has seriously inconvenienced commuters.

From Chitungwiza commuters were dropped off at Coca Cola grounds where they were supposed to be shuttled into town by ZUPCO. The ZUPCO buses were not enough to carry the thousands of commuters and they had to walk into town. The same inconvenience was faced by all commuters coming into town from all directions. The shuttle buses are costing 30cents that’s 60% increase in transport costs. This is not acceptable to Zimbabwean masses already living below Poverty Datum Line.

The whole arrangement is poorly planned and executed. Workers could not get to work on time. School children were late for school.

As TZ we call upon the government to revoke the whole arrangement as it is putting unnecessary burden on the already burdened commuters. The government should engage all stakeholders, that is, transporters, workers and students to come up with an acceptable position that does not disadvantage commuters.

God bless you

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