Caledonia Mining Reports Concealed Fatality At Blanket Mine In Zimbabwe
27 February 2018
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By Paul Nyathi

Canadian based Caledonia Mining Corporation is reported in foreign media as having reported a death at its Blanket Mine operation in Gwanda.

The death which occurred last Friday appears to be being concealed by the local mine management for yet to be established reasons.

According to overseers stock market monitors, Caledonia Corporation reported in an internal memorandum that there had been a fatal accident at the Blanket mine in Zimbabwe during the night shift of 23 February.

The report indicates that production at the site of the incident at the Blanket Quartz Reef area of the mine had since been stopped pending an investigation.

The incident was mining-related but more details couldn’t be released until the investigation had run its course, it added.

‘I join with all of my colleagues and fellow directors in expressing our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased,’ chief executive Steve Curtis is quoted as having said on the internal memorandum.

Authorities at the mine would not be drawn to shed details on the accident referring to the mine manager Mr Caxton Mangezi who was not immediately available for a comment.

Fellow miners at the mine however confirmed that the mine experienced a fatal mining accident which authorities are still investigating and they are not allowed to discuss with people outside the mine.

The last time that the mine had a fatal accident was in July 2015. is following up the matter and details will be made available as they become available.