Huge Croc Terrorises Budiriro Residents
27 February 2018
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Budiriro residents under CABS Housing Project are now living in fear after the discovery of a huge crocodile at a sewer plant within their community.

One of the residents, Daniel Meck, said they are now living in fear after a crocodile was discovered by a Harare City Council worker who stayed near the sewer plant.

“A city council worker, who stayed near the sewer plant, is the one who discovered that there is a big crocodile within the area.

“He then alerted the residents to be aware of the big crocodile staying in the sewer plant.

“He has also vacated the place since he was living in danger and we are now living in fear,” said Meck.

Meck believes the crocodile was trapped in the fenced sewer plant that was created by the City council along the river which flow from Mufakose to their area of residence.

It is also reported that the river is infested with crocodiles and the sewer pond is also a favourite playing spot for children.

“The crocodile could have been trapped during the construction of the sewer plant.

“Some of the people believe that the river might have more crocodiles since there is one within the sewer plant.

“The crocodile is staying within that place since it is fenced, but we are now scared that our children are now living in danger as they are seen roaming around the sewer pond,” he told H-Metro.

Meck has revealed that the crocodile seems to be starved of prey as it is seen eating empty plastic bottles thrown by the people in the sewer pond.

“It is dangerous for the people living in our community as the crocodile appears to be hungry.

“The crocodile is hungry to the extent of eating empty plastic bottles thrown by the people in the sewer pond.

“It is therefore dangerous for the people and children to move around or stay near a place that has a vicious animal like that,” he said.

He added: “I would like to appeal to the city council on behalf of our community to do something about this dangerous situation.

Harare City Council corporate communications manager, Michael Chideme, said they were aware of the crocodiles and urged people to desist from moving around those places.

“We are very much aware of the crocodiles that are in those areas. Some of them are very big and close to eight metres in size.

“We just encourage the people to stay away from those areas,” he said.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo, encouraged residents to report cases of predators to their offices.

“People should report such cases of predators and then we can take measures to handle the situation.

“As Zimparks we capture those predators, but if they prove to be dangerous we eliminate them, however our main priority is not to kill animals but to protect them too.

“Our responsibility is to make sure that those predators stay away from people and we are also encouraging people to stay away from those rivers and ponds in this rainy season,” said Farawo.- state media