Dzamara’s Wife Pleads To Mnangagwa
28 February 2018
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My name is Sheffra Dzamara, I am the wife of Itai Peace Dzamara.

As you might know, Itai was abducted on 9 March 2015 and, until today, he remains unaccounted for. That is why I have decided to direct this letter to you, to share my pain with you, the pain I have felt for the past three years and the pain I will feel everyday if the truth about his whereabouts remains uncovered.

President Mnangagwa, Itai is my husband. He is a family man who has two young children. You might never understand what I go through daily when my children ask me ‘when is our father coming back?’ To be honest, I have nothing to tell them. It pains me that Itai is missing a critical part of his own children’s lives.

Mr President, I know it is in your power to call for Itai to be found. I therefore appeal to you as the President of the nation to call for Itai’s release. Itai must come home, where he belongs, to his family, to his children.

If the abductors have killed him, then I want his body, so that I can grieve and get closure. The truth must come out. I need to know where he is or what happened to him.

I appeal to you as the President to have mercy on his family.

Yours faithfully

Sheffra Dzamara