Gideon Gono Loses Property After Failing To Pay Employees
5 March 2018
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Terrence Mawawa | Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Gideon Gono lost property valued at $ 18 000 after failing to pay workers at Vic’ s Tavern Hotel in Chivhu.

Gono grabbed the hotel from Catherine Willer in 2000.

The Sherrif of the High Court took away the property from the hotel because Gono had failed to settle salary discrepancies.

“The Sheriff descended on the hotel and took away all the property two weeks ago because of impending salary arrears,” court officials in Chivhu said last week.

“Business deteriorated drastically when Gono grabbed the property from Willer.Some workers have not been paid for the past two years,” claimed a senior employee at the hotel.