More Government Millions Down The Drain, New Bridge Faces Imminent Collapse
6 March 2018
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Mabvuku Bridge under construction three years ago.

Fears have been raised over the extensive soil erosion on the slopes of the Mabvuku road over rail bridge, with indications that if not urgently attended to, the bridge could expose motorists to serious hazards.

Less than a year after the bridge was commissioned, there are already signs of sub-standard workmanship on this project as huge gullies caused by run-off now occupy the better part of this bridge.

Local engineers from the road authority who were on the ground refused to comment on the matter, referring the subject to the department of roads which is said to have been responsible for this part of the road.

However, they agreed that the level of damage on the bridge poses a serious risk which can eventually lead to damage of the road if not addressed urgently.

During a site visit by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development, the committee raised the red flag on the hazard, calling for the responsible authority to move in with speed and avert the potential danger.

The road hosts a number of vehicles every second of the day, but not many motorists are aware of the cancer that is slowly tearing into a surface which they perceive to be the safest part of this highway when compared to other trunk roads that are littered with potholes

Source ZBC News Online