WHAT’S GOING ON NOW? – Chinoz Releases Own Music Album
3 June 2018
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State Media – The imprint of a politician cum comedian has started to be felt in the music industry with Joseph Chinotimba and his musical outfit, the Bulawayo Logistics Band staging popular performances at his political rallies in Buhera South.

Joseph Chinotimba

Chinotimba, who was recently endorsed as the Ambassador of Happiness, kept thousands of ruling party supporters on their toes as he performed at the launch of the party campaign at Mutiusinazita in a constituency he represents in parliament.

“I joined the music industry by default when I went to buy a PA system in South Africa and a friend urged me to buy complete band instruments, and that was the start of my music career,” he said.

The legislator added that his entry into the music industry is proving to be easy as he has been able to compose a number of songs, few weeks after joining the entertainment industry and expects to release an album in the next few months.

“Life in the music industry is so interesting and I am working towards producing an album within few months to come,” he said.

Chinotimba said he will work with popular musicians as he perfects his productions and has already composed songs that include President Mnangagwa, Kurota Hope and Murudo that are part of the Sungura genre.

With his main massage being political, Chinotimba seeks to join great political commissars like Elliot Manyika, who used the same methods to reach out to party supporters and expand his campaign strategies.