Journalist Formally Charged For Scuffle With Terrence Mukupe
6 June 2018
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By Paul Nyathi|NewsDay reporter Blessed Mhlanga has officially been slapped with assault charges on Deputy Finance Minister Terrence Mukupe on an incident which occured almost two weeks ago.

Mukupe filed the assault charges against the journalist in Harare.

The scuffle between Mukupe and Mhlanga happened at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) SFM radio studio on the 24th of May.

Both the minister and the scribe were invited to discuss a headline story in the NewsDay written by reporter quoting Mukupe saying the military wouldn’t let Nelson Chamisa rule in the event that he won the forthcoming election.

Information available said it was Mukupe who stood up during a live radio programme accusing the journalist of intimidating him and grabbed him by his shoulders whilst one of his aides tried to restrain the minister.

It was during the scuffle that Mhlanga’s wife, Florence, whipped out her mobile phone to record the wrestling.

Mukupe then instructed his aides to seize the Samsung S7 phone from her and he (Mukupe) later pushed her into the corner.

Mhlanga is expected to appear in court soon on the charges.