Election Monitors Question ZEC On Ballot Paper Printing
12 June 2018
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By Paul Nyathi|The Zimbabwe Election Support Network an electoral process watchdog has questioned the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, ZEC’s, silence on the printing of the ballot papers in its election roadmap released last week.

ZESN released the following statement in reaction to the roadmap published by the commission last week.


The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) notes the 2018 Harmonized elections roadmap released this week by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) which details the various processes the Commission will undertake. The Network has noted that the roadmap is silent about the process of designing and printing of the ballot papers.

Section 52A (a) of the Electoral Act states that ZEC should without delay provide information to all political parties, candidates and observers on where and by whom the ballot papers for the election are being printed. ZESN appreciates information on the dates for the publication of the number of ballot papers printed which complies with Section 52A(b) and urges the ZEC to also avail information on who will print the ballot papers and the location of the printers.

In addition, it is vital for ZEC to ensure that the voters’ roll is availed to all stakeholders in reasonable time to allow, for instance, electoral contestants to verify if the people who support their nomination are in the voters’ roll, as required by law.

ZESN reiterates its calls for the Electoral Commission to fully adhere to the Electoral Act, the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections and international principles of election management which are independence, impartiality, integrity, transparency, efficiency, professionalism and service-mindedness.

ZESN remains committed to the promotion of democratic elections in Zimbabwe.