MDC Alliance Dumps Coltart
15 June 2018
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David Coltart

By Paul Nyathi|In a move that has left several people within the opposition Welshman Ncube led MDC shocked, the MDC Alliance coalition has all but rejected erstwhile veteran politician David Coltart.

The Alliance placed Coltart a former Education Minister a distant sixth place in the Bulawayo Province Senate list all but ruling him out of being in the August House.

Coltart who was the first of the MDC members to be accorded candidature in the Alliance when he was offered the Bulawayo East Constituency last week requested to be moved from the House of Assembly list to the Senate list.

Senators are on a proportional representation which means that for Coltart to be in the Upper House the Alliance will need to garner 100% of the votes in the province.

Coltart has been a key figure in the formulation of the Alliance which also saw him accompany the Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa on a trip to the United Kingdom recently.