“Today I Will Sleep Peacefully Because I Have Seen That You Love Zanu Pf”: President Mnangagwa
15 June 2018
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By Own Correspondent| President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told party supporters that he is happy with their attendance at the party’s Mucheke stadium Masvingo rally adding that he would “today sleep peacefully” knowing that Zanu Pf was a party that was loved by the majority of people in Midlands.

Said President Mnangagwa:

“I am happy when I see you, now that you have the power, all those who are seated here are your servants. They are using the power which they get from you. You are the masters and we are the servants.

When you meet Hungwe, you should say ‘hello my servant’ and if he refuses, I will remove him. Today I am going to sleep peacefully because I have seen that you love Zanu-PF.”

Below are pictures from Masvingo.