Notorious Robber Escapes Prison Inside Helicopter
2 July 2018
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In real movie style, a notorious murderer sentenced to 25 years over the death of a policewoman, has escaped from prison in France using a helicopter.

The chopper was armed.

French police yesterday began a manhunt for Mr Redoine Faid, 46.

This is not his first time – in 2013 he literally blasted his way out of prison with explosives concealed in tissue paper, only to be arrested at a hotel six weeks later.

Officials said Redoine Faid’s escape only took “a few minutes” on Sunday and no-one was either injured or taken hostage.

It was reported “an armed commando landed in a helicopter in the courtyard as the prisoner was in the visiting room” of Reau Prison, south of Paris.

The man’s first case was that of armed robbery.

More to follow…