Presidential Candidate Pulls Out Of Race: Full Statement
25 July 2018
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It is with a heavy heart that I announce my withdrawal from the presidential race in the elections. I have sincerlerly searched within me for any alternative route but found none other.

I feel the ordinary people of Zimbabwe once again find themselves in the hands of politicians and organisation bent on championing gains far from national interest.

Zimbabweans are once again being robbed of a real chance at stability growth and exit from this quandary simple because an inability to find common ground.

The events of November in which we all participated in full spirit brought about real hope which stands to be shattered in this election.

It has become clear to me that in as much as we have tried to avert a disputed election by engaging ourselves in full spirit with all stakeholders to the platform of dialogue, all those efforts have been thwarted for reasons not quite reasonable to me. While the events of November have been interpreted in many ways, it is clear that indeed the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe for one day had real hope.

This spirit should have carried on as we build our nation. The events to me clearly showed that at times certain necessary things must be done when the peace stability and joy of the country is at stake. In that context I still find it hard to believe nor understand why Zec has found it very difficult to do what ever it takes to perpetuate that possibility of a new Zimbabwe.

While I respect the independence of Zec and their alignment to the law I feel that the stakes at hand are more higher than just what the law says. The real opportunity for our country to migrate to higher levels is surely much more valuable than a hard line position that Zec has decided to tour.

While I will be compelled by law to respect the decision taken by Zec as well as independence, I dread to realise that we are on the verge of yet another disputed election which I strongly feel could have been avoided. As such I find no sense in driving right into a storm that I can see well ahead of me and for that reason am withdrawing my candidature from the election.

While the so called big political players will be at each other’s throats for the next five years, It is the ordinary man on the streets who will sleep in bank queues buy cash in the street and have no job to go to. The big players will never know the feeling of that nor be affected by sanctions which are yet to be removed. It is the ordinary man who will bear the pain and cost of such a dispute.

What Zec has clearly failed to see is that the political giants will not in any way experience the wrath of the dispute but the ordinary man who has already had to shoulder nearly 4 decades of misery.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell my followers to think deeply as to were they will put their treasured vote which I’m sure will leave them with more questions than a fullfillment of their expectations… and as such must prepare themselves for what ever outcome.

I thank you