ED Can’t Rig Economy: Chamisa
5 September 2018
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MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa yesterday said President Emmerson Mnangagwa was doomed and will not be able to resolve the country’s worsening economic meltdown because his government suffers a serious legitimacy crisis.

The opposition leader, who still insists that Mnangagwa rigged the July 30 polls, said until the legitimacy crisis stalking the Zanu PF administration was resolved, the economic crisis would continue on a downward spiral.

Chamisa said had he been declared winner, confidence would have increased with Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora already trooping back home.

“There would be an economic hara-kiri right now if there was no political rape on July 30. Rape has consequences and this failing economy is what we are now suffering from,” he said.

“But as both a leader and citizen, I am deeply concerned by the level of suffering of Zimbabweans. There is violence in the minds of people due to the painful challenges they are facing everyday under Mnangagwa’s controversial leadership. The situation tells a lot about the previous elections. The elections, instead of being a source of joy, have brought about a lot of uncertainties.

“The economy is freezing and even fuel is in short supply. What is more in short supply is market confidence. Business is not settled because elections were tampered with. You can change statistics of elections, but you cannot tamper with figures in economics.”
“Mnangagwa did not win the elections, but he was declared winner. This has to be resolved first,” Chamisa told NewsDay in an exclusive interview.

“This problem will not go away because we inaugurated a lie. There is dispute on who should lead the country. Disputed mandates will always cause a dispute of failed economy.”