S.A Opposition Party Claims White People Deliberately Created Cyclone Idai
24 March 2019
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BLF leader speaks in a rally

The party says the West should pay for the mess they apparently created.

Cyclone Idai, a tropical cyclone which recently hit Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi is not a natural disaster, but a direct consequence of the white, Western system of ecological assault for profits, said Black First Land First on Friday.

The BLF claimed in a statement that white people were the ones who destroyed the ecological balance through greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, it was only fair that the West paid for it.

“The multitudes that died as a result of the cyclone are not victims of a natural disaster. This is mass murder which could be prevented if the West abandoned its ways.

“Those who pollute and destroy our ecosystems must pay ecological reparations to those who suffer as a consequence of their irresponsible actions. It’s no longer speculation – even the white man’s own science corroborates what we blacks know: Africa is paying a heavy price for the actions of the white world. The West pollutes and the West must pay.”

The party claimed to know about a conspiracy of recolonisation, which in part sought to profit from disasters, which the West would continue doing. It further called for something to be done to stop them from destroying the planet, failure of which would result in the extinction of species.

“BLF calls on the African Union to demand reparations and relief from the European Union and the United States of America for cyclone Idai. Africa is tired of carrying the burden of the destructive behaviour of the global white system of power and consumption.”