Sangoma Sodomises Patient As He Prescribes Anal S*x Cure For Erectile Dysfunction
13 April 2019
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What started as a casual visit to a sangoma for help turned out to be a nightmare at the hands of a l_usty p_ervert.

A 19-year-old man from Lupane’s Jibajiba area approached a well-known sangoma in the area because he had an e_rectile d_ysfunction.

The sangoma promised to deal with the issue because it was his specialty. The treatment came in the form of anal s_x. The sangoma would instruct the patient to touch his p_enis and in turn the sangoma would do the same to him. When the sangoma’s p_enis got erect all the time he would then sleep with his patient.

After every session the sangoma would reassure his patient that he was going to be alright and all the signs of improvement were there.

The patient could not keep the treatment a secret and he confided in his father who reported the matter to the police leading to the sangoma’s arrest. Appearing before Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku facing an aggravated indecent assault charge the sangoma pleaded not guilty.

The court heard that the sangoma allegedly had a_nal s_x three times with his victim on different occasions.

He was remanded in custody to next week on Tuesday for routine remand and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.