Auxilia Mnangagwa And Grace Mugabe, Same WhatsApp Group?
15 April 2019
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Own Correspondent|First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa has been kicked out of State House because of her earth quake behaviour on staff members at the country’s number one home leaving her exposed as yet another Grace Mugabe if not worse.

Birds of the safe feather, Grace Mugabe with Auxilia Mnangagwa.

Staff at State House have actually described Auxillia as worse than Grace with one source telling ZimEye, “Amai is doing the opposite of what she is doing in public.

Auxilia with husband Emmerson Mnangagwa

“The difference between Auxillia and Grace is that Amai becomes very physical. Vamwe Amai vaingokutuka parally, vamwe vanotokurova kumba.”

Zimbabweans generally never believed that there could be people worse than both Grace Mugabe and her husband former President Robert, but the Mnangagwas have proven everyone wrong.

Grace and Robert Mugabe

On numerous occasions, Grace was accused of conflating the institution of marriage with that of the presidency.

Known for her unrestricted and stinging attacks, especially at public forums, Grace accused many Zanu PF leaders from politburo members, war veterans, the military bosses, her own colleagues in the women’s league and Mugabe’s close allies of plotting against her 94-year-old husband.

Critics argue Grace’s insatiable desire to meddle in Mugabe’s duties and her penchant for publicly attacking senior party and government officials catalysed the former leader’s removal from power last November.

Mugabe was removed from power in November last year at the height of the interface rallies, where he and his wife took turns to attack their political enemies in Zanu PF, including Mnangagwa.

Besides addressing her own set of rallies, Grace usually became the centre of attraction at Zanu PF gatherings, even those addressed by her husband.

For that, she earned herself the moniker, Dr Stop It!

The investigation showed how female State Residence employees were attacked by Auxillia upon merely smiling at her husband, Emmerson while greeting him. More stench emerged as many were sent home on various spurrious allegations. Auxillia even got to the point of assigning her own brother, Paradzai Kutyauripo who has a criminal conviction, the job of Director.

Is Zimbabwe set for yet another Dr Stop It?