Parents, Community Fight School Authorities Over Abuse Of BEAM Facility
23 April 2019
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Jane Mlambo| Parents and the local community in Chibuwe, Chipinge are up in arms against Chibuwe Primary School head and School Development Committee chairperson over abuse of the BEAM scheme funds.

According to a dossier circulating in the community and in possession of ZimEye, the parents are livid over what they said is an unholy alliance between the school head Mr Noel Mashava and SDC Chair Phainas Bote who have failed to explain how they used funds from BEAM.

This is amid reports that some of the pupils who are on the school list had actually paid their own tuition after the school threatened to send them back home over non-payment of fees.

“The school received the funds early this year or in December last year.

“The school head then connived with BOTE who happened to be the then outgoing SDC chairperson to sign for the withdrawal of the funds and quickly made unclear payments through bank transfers.

“This was even done without the knowledge of the then acting deputy headmaster Musikavanhu who has now left the office.

“More-so, the beneficiaries of this facility are yet to receive their receipts as proof of payments.

Unfortunately some of these beneficiaries were even forced to pay for their own tuition fees since the BEAM funds were not availed on time,” reads the damning dossier.

The community complained that the school is struggling against shortage of books, furniture and other essentials yet the two find it good for themselves to fatten their pockets at the expense of benefiaries.

“furniture is still a nightmare for many pupils despite the fact that the school is situated in the midst of a well resourced community.

“The school has a printer and a photocopier that also service the community on certain charges but the money is not booked it is used is another question,” further reads the dossier.