Miners Die In 135m Free Fall Down Mine Shaft
27 April 2019
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TWO Mangwe mine workers died after they fell into a 135-metre deep shaft.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident which occurred at Vuka MuAfrica Mine in Mphoengs on Tuesday at around 10AM. Chief Insp Ndebele said Brendon Moyo (28) and Prosper Hunyenyiwa (27) were descending into the shaft when a hoist they were using developed a fault and crashed down the shaft.

“I can confirm that we recorded a fatal mine accident at Vuka MuAfrica Mine. Brendon Moyo and Prosper Hunyenyiwa descended into a 135 metre deep shaft using a hoist.

“Along the way the hoist developed a mechanical fault and made a free fall down the mine taking the two mine workers down with it. Moyo and Munyenyiwa sustained head injuries and bruises as a result of the accident and they died on the spot,’’ he said. Chief Insp Ndebele said other mine workers who were at the scene retrieved the bodies. He said the matter was reported to the police who attended the scene and the bodies were ferried to United Bulawayo Hospitals for post-mortem.

Chief Insp Ndebele said investigations were underway.

He called on mine operators to ensure that the work environment was safe for their employees.

“We continue to record fatal accidents in mining areas as a result of mechanical faults. We call on mine operators, mine owners and managers to ensure that their equipment is constantly inspected and serviced to ensure that it’s working properly so that workers are not exposed to danger.

“Mine workers should also ensure that safety is prioritised. It’s also important for mine workers to put on safety clothing,” Chief Insp Ndebele said.