Elderly Woman Dies At Polling Station In SA Elections.
8 May 2019
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Own Correspondent|The South African Independent Electoral Commission said that an elderly voter has died at a polling station in Elandspoort in Tshwane.

Mamabolo said the elderly voter had collapsed and passed on in a voting station in Elandspoort, Tshwane, on Wednesday.

Mamabolo made the announcement during a media briefing in Pretoria on Wednesday.

“As always in the election of this magnitude there are some challenges reported, including an instance where officials arrived late for duty and where materials were delayed. This had all been resolved by 9am,” he said.

“The IEC is sad to report the death of a deputy presiding officer in the Eastern Cape due to illness overnight and extends its condolences to the family. The commission also received reports of an elderly voter who apparently died in a voting station in Elandspoort, in Tshwane, today. Accordingly we express our condolences to the family,” Mamabolo said

Mamabolo said that they experienced a few problems at some voting stations.

“By 11.30am, only 17 voting stations remained unopened due to access challenges, 14 of which are in the southern coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The commission is working very closely with security agencies, supported by government departments, to open the stations as soon as possible.”