“We Don’t Have Confidence In The Police And Have Deployed Our Own Security To Guard The Chief,” Mthwakazi
16 May 2019
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File Picture of Ibutho lenqama “royal guards” guarding chief Ndiweni with “King” Bulelani Khumalo.

Media Statement|Attention Mthwakazi

MRP President has assigned the party’s security department and the intelligence department to deal with the issue of Zanu PF thugs who tried to terrrorise our esteemed Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna earlier, as we have no confidence in police

He was attacked only a few minutes after the Chief and the President had met outside Tredgold Magistrate Court and the information we have since gathered is that the bloody thirsty Zanu PF moroons wanted to confiscate the vehicle that was given to the Chief claiming it’s a party vehicle and threatening the Chief on the recent remarks he made in calling for western countries to pile more sanctions to the Emerson Mnangangwa led Government which continues to chase shadows in fixing the economy.

The President have been receiving a lot of calls from the people both local and abroad enquiring about the safety of our chief, we would like to assure Mthwakazi Nation and the world at large that our chief is safe, Our lawyer Dumisani Dube and other concerned stakeholders are handling this matter diligently.

As MRP we will leave no stone unturned and we will match Zanu PF man for man, we are yet another generation and we are the survivors of the 1982-1987 Genocide as such we are not going to fold our hands as our oppressors and tormentors devour on us.

We want to warn the thuggery Zanu pf government that the vehicles given to the Chiefs are bought from state resources and these resources do not belong to Zanu PF but to the masses. Chief Ndiweni and other Mthwakazi chiefs didn’t inherit their Chieftainship from Zanu PF but they took it from our Kings hence we don’t owe anything to the satanic and barbaric Zanu PF government. We are prepared to flood their prisons and we are now ready to shed our blood for our Independence.

We are aware that Obert Mpofu is behind all this as he has been fighting the Chief ever since and he is the one who is behind the case that is before Bulawayo Magistrate Court, and we know that Obert Mpofu have been against Chief Ndiweni Nhlanhla to be the Chief and some of us wonder what Mpofu wants since he is not even a Ndiweni or a relative apart from the fact that we only know him for parcelling UMguza land to the Shona speaking people. The sufferings of our people will haunt you Obert Mpofu as we know that you have been a sellout over a long time and you even crossed the floor to Join Zanu PF way before the so called Unity Accord.

MRP For Peace And Justice In our Lifetime.

Sisonke Sibambene SinguMthwakazi Sizakulungisa.

MRP Office of the President.