“Varakashi” In U Turn Over “Ancient” Mthuli Ncube, Says Biti Was Better
18 May 2019
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By Levison Chambati| I have learnt something , never confuse education with intelligence.

Truth be told , the current minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube is a very big disappointment and the worst person ever to run the Ministry of Finance .

To be very honest even Tendai Biti in his tenure which was marked by ineptitude , his greatest achievement being able to pay civil servants salaries of $100 per month before tax did fairly well to harness inflation contrary to the current situation where prices of goods are shooting up everyday .

Just imagine in this era Mthuli still thinks that devaluing the Bond note is the solution to our economic problems . We have been doing the same from 1980 but the economic situation got worse till we ended up having no currency of our own .

The simply fact is Mthuli poses a serious threat to Zanupf than the colonialist sponsored party the Mdc . I strongly believe he is working day and night to make sure that by 2023 there will be no Zanupf to talk about.

This is very possible because he is not a politician or a Zanupf member and if the party eventually sinks he has nothing to lose. I don’t know what happens to these so called learned people.

He is still reading the Ancient Book of Economics which says nothing will happen if we don’t desperately beg the imperialist to make investment in the country . My thinking is promotion of domestic investment is the way to go.

Last time his bank was closed meaning if he failed to run a single Bank thus running an entire Ministry becomes a heavy impossible task vexing him.

That’s why he keeps on saying the economic situation is improving whilst it’s getting worse with no clue on how to stop inflation !! The President must show him the exit door like what he did to Jorum Gumbo before its too late !!