Meet Your Candidate: Lillian Timveous
24 May 2019
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Senator Lilian Timveos believes she has what it takes to be the MDC Vice President since she is hardened enough to withstand military handling! Courageous and strong willed; loyal yet visionary and an audicious unifier.

As the party is entering the dangerous unchartered territory of a desperate ZANU PF government, Timveous says she is one capable servant leader with the character and capacity to provide a strong MDC leadership front to confont and tackle Zanu Pf.

Lillian Timveous

ZimEye had a one on one interaction with the aspiring Vice President and below is the full text of the conversation:

“Senator Lillian Timveos’ Manifesto for Vice President”

Who is Senator Lillian Timveos?

“I am a wife, a mother and a woman in Zimbabwe. Timveous is also a businesswoman in Zimbabwe, who understands the challenges facing both businesses, consumers and our jobless youth.

Since joining the party, I’ve committed myself to upholding MDC values and principles. I have worked hard for the party in various capacities, that include as the Midlands Provincial Chairperson.

Lillian Timveous

I stand proud to have been the first female provincial chair for Midlands where i discharged my duties effectively, uniting the party membership and at the same time bringing in an effective mobilisation exercise that stood the test of time up to this day.

I cannot claim to be a leader of miracle, but all that I have achieved as provincial chair was through teamwork. As such, this is one of my strengths, that of motivating teams around me and fostering advocacy teamwork. Teamwork can only be effective through mutual respect and such has been my humility and cavalry.

Senatorial Manifesto:
Today I celebrate, my second term as Midlands Senator. During my previous tenure, I worked with the disadvantaged, HIV & AIDS patients and Organisations caring for HIV & AIDS.

As committee chair for HIV & AIDS, I have travelled globally for summits and forums that informed best practices globally. Through my leadership contribution, Zimbabwe was well represented and through report back, I urged both government and MDC party to realign policy framework.

Timveous is also currently the Chief Whip, in the Senate, a position I am indebted to both the party and my colleagues in the Senate. It is a post of trust and responsibility. All these appointments reflect the integrity of the person here standing and no doubt the humility that comes with it.

The Congress from May 24 to 26, 2019, IS FOR YOU! It is for you to renew leadership that will withstand the ferociousness of ZANU PF thuggery, that will quantum leap MDC into power by reclaiming our country from the current misrule of Mr. Mnangagwa and his military junta.

Leadership guided by integrity, accountability and responsiveness to the needs of both the party and the people of Zimbabwe. A leadership that can give the party national, regional and international traction.

It is because of all this that I stand ready, to be your Vice President, not a woman vice president but a Vice President of equal fit, who has stood firm in testing revolutionary times.

In line with that covenant, my campaign team is diverse. I have the youth, the main wing and the women assemblies. If I am elected, I intend to be the vice president for you all.

This is our struggle, together we can take it further and reclaim our country. The onus is yours, the chance to rescue yourselves and the country from the jaws of poverty, unemployment, corruption and state sponsored violence; depends on who you will choose at the Congress, to be in your presidium.

It depends on who you will chose to steer the ship of change forward. I stand ready as your servant, to work for you and change the status quo once and for all.

That being so, I pray that you will vote for me based on my pledge to deliver my duties in line with our policy blueprint for Transformation, Opportunity and Prosperity.


Once elected into office, Timveous pledges to assist and support the President in discharging his duties, defending the party principles and constitution and also to act as president in the absence of the president in line with provisions of Section 9.1 and 9.2 of the party Constitution.

It is my wish to add value to the visionary leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa by bringing in my vast political experience, loyalty, integrity, visionary and accountability in the presidium.

Election into office makes me part of a strong leadership team which compliments each other guided by the party values, principles and ideology. I thus pledge to work towards increasing the participation of people with disabilities in the party structures and as members. My office will be open to all.

I pledge to engage and harness the Zimbabwean Diaspora community expertise and include them in policy making decisions and issues affecting our country.

To the nation of Zimbabwe I pledge:
To work with all our elected Mayors and local authorities across the country, in conjunction with the secretary for local governance in the party, to ensure that our councils deliver services to the people.

As a mother I know the difficulty of living without water and sanitation and while they are challenges caused by the Zanu PF government, it is our duty to deliver in all the councils we have won and as your Vice President I will be pushing for this.

My sincere desire is to be at the forefront of providing leadership in peaceful nonviolent protests to reclaim our stolen victory. 2.6 million Zimbabweans voted for our President Advocate Nelson Chamisa and we must reclaim that victory and end the tyranny of ZANU PF junta.

Timveous also pledges to advocate for removal of duty and VAT on sanitary wear so that all women can access this critical service. I will also champion and spearhead the provision of free sanitary pads in all schools for our young girls. I will also amplify my work in the Senate on HIV/AIDS by increasing oversight on the HIV levy. This levy from our Tax Payers it cannot be abused


Once elected into office, I pledge to work in collaboration with the women’s assembly in engaging former stateswomen and women leaders who have made an impact such as Ellen Sirleaf Johnson of Liberia and many others, to be a voice on behalf of us as Zimbabweans calling on the Mnangagwa regime to respect our rights and restore the people’s vote.

The verdict is yours! We are entering the dangerous unchartered territory of a desperate ZANU PF government that will require an MDC strong leadership to confront. I congratulate President Advocate Nelson Chamisa for coming out of nomination process unopposed.

President Nelson Chamisa is a very strong leader, we must no fail him; we need to elect the best team among us to compliment his visionary leadership. I stand here to the scrutiny, and I am not afraid to face the judgement day, for the party is bigger than life!

Senator Lilian Timveos is your Vice President, hardened enough to withstand military handling! Courageous and strong willed; loyal yet visionary; unifier yet audacious.

I thank you and May God bless you all!