CIO Shamed After Fondling Police Officer’s Breast
23 June 2019
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By A Correspondent| The CIO operative reportedly fought the police officer’s husband after he had confronted him.

Wellington Chikaka (27) of Spitzkop Suburb was hauled before Gwanda magistrate, Lerato Nyathi and charged with indecent assault and disorderly conduct. He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

State prosecutor, Ethel Mahachi narrated before the court the incident involving Chikaka and the female cop.

She said:

On 28 April at around 2 am, the complainant was in a taxi with her husband on their way home while Chikaka was in the same vehicle sitting next to her on the other side.

When they were at Gwanda Police Station residential area where she and her husband were dropping off, Chikaka extended his hand and fondled the complainant’s right breast.

The complainant confronted Chikaka over his actions and in response he uttered vulgar words at the complainant which resulted in a misunderstanding. The complainant reported the matter to the police.

While Chikaka pleaded not guilty to the disorderly charge conduct, the complainant’s husband pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay $100 or face a two-month prison sentence.

Chikaka was placed off remand and both cases will proceed by way of summons.