WATCH: Apostle Chiwenga Accident – 60km Speed Limit, Did Mnangagwa’s CIOs Force Apostle To Accelerate To 120km Per Hour In Bending, Meandering Strip Road?
29 June 2019
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The following is Talent Chiwenga’s his exact narration of from his hospital theatre video shot a day after the accident: As I drove I was using an average speed of 100km [per hour]. The maximum speed I drove for was 120 [km]. I did this because the fan belt that we had replaced was not a new one, so it was not wise to drive at a faster speed than that. So the fan belt was also going to get broken.

We only wanted to arrive to Harare so that we can buy [a] stronger brand new fan belts. So while I was driving I saw a car coming from the opposite direction, (I was going to Harare) it was coming from Harare side. That car swerved into my lane and I flashed him with my headlamps to show him that he was doing something wrong. So he went back to his lane. He drove for about 10 metres towards me, but this time he just swerved back onto my lane, appearing like he wanted to have a head on collision with me. I flashed him several times, I horned.
I rang my hooter, but he didn’t show any signs that he was going back to his line, to his lane. Instead of going to his lane, I was afraid that he was going to come back to my lane and he was going to hit me by my side and the car was going to overturn more times. I also wanted to avoid a head-on because it would have been more fatal. The car’s front looked like a Toyota, one tonne truck, or a Toyota Hilux, or a Ford T6, I don’t know. We were driving so we, we were facing each other… so I couldn’t see the exact details concerning the car but it had a bumper on it. I remember the bumper.
It had round head lamps, and some few yellow lamps on top of the roof. It could not have been a smaller car. When I tried to avoid him by going extreme left outside the road, there was no road there, so both my wheels front and rear left caught into something that looked like a hump or a ditch, so the car had a great noise, bummm!, and then it went back to the road. At that point I realised that I was no longer in control, the steering was more loose that it usually is.
When we went into the road, it crossed the road again to face directly to a tree, which I knew that if I don’t do something, we were going to hit against that tree and it was also not going to safe for us, so when I tried to turn the car to come back, avoiding that tree, because of whatever had happened, I think one of those wheels was no longer in its right shape, the car overturned. That was the last time I remember what happened, I think it was about an hour later when I woke up. A lot of people were gathered around the car. The person close to me was Baba Kanyuchi, my wife and Mai Vhurumuku I didn’t see them . Baba Kanyuchi said to me Apostle don’t mention your name, they are still here.