CATCH AND RELEASE – Letters Produced To “Prove” Mupfumira Actually Had Cabinet Approval
7 October 2019
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Prisca Mupfumira

She could have simply mentioned all this sooner, and Mr Ray Ndhuku just kept quiet. They could be cooking up papers after the fact. The OPC is the centre of corruption.”Catch and release” continues and the ZACC draws good salaries and benefits from the fiscus.

Requests had allegedly been made to Ministry of Finance and CMED for the purchase of this vehicle but due to financial constraints Treasury has indicated that funding of the said vehicle will be made available when cash inflows improved.

In order for this vehicle to be purchased for the minister, you are kindly requested for the release of an amount of US90 000 as an advance payment from NSSA. Repayments of this advance will be made as soon as the funding is made available by Treasury.