Minister Hauled To Court Over Appointment Of Chief Binga
8 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- The Minister of Local Government, July Moyo has been dragged to court over Binga Chieftainship after he recommended the late Mr Gasta Siakulya Muleya for the appointment as Chief Binga four months ago.

Mr Peter Mwembe has since approached the High Court challenging the appointment of the late Muleya as Chief Binga saying that he did not belong to the Sikabuwa lineage where rightful heirs to the throne should come from.

In his court papers, Mr Mwembe said:

In the circumstances, the second respondent (Minister Moyo) should not have made recommendations to the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe for the appointment of the first respondent as Chief Binga.

Any other person outside the Sikabuwa lineage cannot be appointed Chief Binga as there are spiritual rain making and other ceremonies which the incumbent chief should perform and the first respondent could not perform them as he was outside the Sikabuwa matriarch lineage.

Mwembe seeks a court order which orders the minister to convene a meeting within 14 days for the selection and approval of an appropriate candidate to be appointed Chief Binga.

He added that only those from Sikabuwa lineage could perform traditional rituals including rainmaking.