Ecocash Agents Hike Percentages To Over 100%, What Next?
11 October 2019
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By A Correspondent- Ecocash agents in the central business district are demanding 150% for cash out, ZimEye can reveal.

A snap survey in the city centre revealed that the agents who operate outside Eat n Lick along First street in Harare are demanding one to part with $25 for one to cash out $10.

Others are however charging between 30 to 60 percent asking one to part with between $13 to $16 for one to get $10 coins.

Said one disgruntled woman only identified as Faina:

“I don’t know why they opened the Ecocash platform again because these agents are thieves. They should have just closed the platform for good and avail cash in the banks.”

Added another man who also could not stomach the latest development:

“This is just too much. How can i give the ecocash agent more than what i am getting? Where are they getting the money to steal from us like this? Government should act unless they are part of these stealing agents.”

Several people who also spoke to ZimEye called on government to just make cash available as a way of dealing with the ecocash agents.

Added one woman identified as Shylet:

“Citizens must just team up and boycott ecocash. if they continue doing what they are doing, we will end up beating them up and take the law into our own hands because it seems the police are failing to reign them in. This is daylight robbery.”