Mnangagwa Conferred With Honorary Doctorate In Peace,Governance
13 October 2019
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday received an Honorary Doctorate in Peace and Governance from Bindura University of Science and Technology (BUSE) for his role in promoting peace and development.

The honour was bestowed at BUSE’s 18th graduation ceremony in Bindura yesterday.

The university said it had accorded the President with the doctorate for policies that promote the rule of law, deepen democracy and strengthen international cooperation.

BUSE applauded President Mnangagwa for his “intellectual dexterity to steer the State with unparalleled skill”, as well as for being a reformer who has opened the country to business and investment.

In his acceptance speech, President Mnangagwa dedicated the doctorate to peace-loving Zimbabweans for promoting harmony in the country.
“I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to the Bindura University of Science and Technology for the conferment of Honorary Doctor (Honoris Causa) in Peace and Governance.

I humbly dedicate this award to all Zimbabweans who have, over the years, remained committed to peace, security, unity and stability of our beloved country.”

President Mnangagwa said his administration will continue to promote peace and stability, as these are key ingredients to develop the country.

“Rest assured that my Government, under the Second Republic, will continue to entrench these tenets as we strive for sustainable economic development and prosperity.

“In addition, the strengthening of strong, transparent, accountable and ethical institutions will remain key as we deepen democracy in our country, building the Zimbabwe we all want.”

The Second Republic, he said, tolerates divergent views that are relayed without threatening the country’s peace and stability.
“All our activities across the socio-economic and political spectrum must therefore be underpinned by unity of purpose, love, peace, harmony, as well as an environment where divergent views are accepted and tolerated.

The President implored the successful graduates to be patriotic and aim to develop the country though the knowledge and skills attained at the university.

“Love your country, serve your communities and families with humility and compassion. Be patient, bold, confident, upright and courageous. Our future is bright. No matter the challenges you may encounter, be strong and persevere; the knowledge and skills gained from this great institution – Bindura University of Science and Education – are invaluable and will surely lead to your success, when appropriately applied.”State media