Coltart Reveals Owner And Source Of Police Helmets
14 October 2019
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Opposition MDC Treasurer-General, David Coltart, has revealed the owner of police and municipal helmets unearthed at a basement office in the city centre.

According to Coltart, the helmets were bought at an auction with the owner allegedly planning to start a security company.

Below is Coltart’s Twitter thread;

It has been alleged that the owner of the helmets is a man called Mitchel Chibwe. His company – so it is alleged – lawfully bought them at an auction conducted by ABC Auctioneers wanting to start a security company. It is alleged the ZRP instructed ABC auctioneers to sell them.

Perhaps @[email protected]@HeraldZimbabwe & indeed the ZRP would like to investigate these allegations & confirm whether they are true or not. If the allegations are true perhaps they would like to put the record straight & end the ZRP siege of the #MDC HQ.