Mnangagwa Must Simply Admit He Has Failed
15 October 2019
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By Jeffryson Murisi David Chitando

Ian Douglas Smith was under sanctions and for your information he was only able to travel to two countries namely Malawi and South Africa.

Smith’s Rhodesian dollar and economy for all those years he was under economic sanctions grew to be one of the strongest in Africa.In fact the Rhodesia dollar was at one time trading 1:1 with the British pound and 1: 2 to the American dollar on the exchange rate .

One wonders what’s wrong with the so called sanctions on Zanu PF leaders as they are allowed to globetrotte.Its said they just close their eyes and point on the world map ,any country which or place they touch is their next 24 hour destination.

One is baffled by the fact that they are able to travel daily but the local currency is at its weakest in living memory.

Why can’t Zanu PF apply to the International community to put us under Ian Smith type of sanctions rather than these?During Smith we rarely heard of price hikes!We only knew the country had fuel problems but not to this levels.Doctors would not strike for salary increments. Teachers and others civil servants would not threaten to strike daily.

Mnangagwa must admit that he has failed .If we are to compare Ian Smith managed the economy far much better than Mnangagwa.