ZANU PF Finalizes Its Sanctions Day March Programme
15 October 2019
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File Picture of zanu pf members marching in Harare

State Media|The ruling ZANU PF party says that it has finalised arrangements for the October 25 SADC initiated anti sanctions day where they will hold marches throughout the country against sanctions imposed on some ZANU PF leaders by the Western countries.

Harare hosting the biggest protest that will culminate at the National Sports Stadium where President Mnangagwa is expected to give an address.

After President Mnangagwa’s address, there will be a soccer match between some of the biggest football clubs in the country, and an all-night musical gala where top musicians will perform.

The events follow the declaration of October 25 by SADC as solidarity day against the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, with member states pledging to conduct various activities in their own countries to resoundingly call for the immediate removal of the embargo.

Director of Media Services in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Dr Anywhere Mutambudzi said yesterday that all was set for the day.

“The march will start at the Africa Unity Square where people from all walks of life are expected to start gathering as early as 6am, they will then embark on the march around 8am heading to the National Sports Stadium,” he said.

“We expect that other people who will not be able to join the march from the city centre will make their way from their areas to the stadium for this important event.”

Dr Mutambudzi said other activities around the anti-sanctions day will include a schools competition in poetry and drama on the theme of the removal of the sanctions.

He said academic papers will also be presented as part of the call against the sanctions.

“We are calling on musicians and artists to join a competition for composing the best anti-sanctions song that will get a prize,” said Dr Mutambudzi.

Source: State Media