Mnangagwa Accuses ZESA Workers Of Stealing Transformers
18 October 2019
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ZESA workers have a hand in the rampant vandalism and theft of electricity infrastructure, which has cost the country millions of dollars and led to disruption of efficient power transmission across the country, President Mnangagwa said yesterday.

The power utility needs at least US$40 million to replace more than 4 000 transformers, which have been vandalised across the country. It has also lost up to 1 000km of power lines to cable thieves, according to recent reports.

Responding to a question on the matter during a plenary session at the on-going 2019 ZimTrade Annual Exporters’ Conference in Bulawayo, the President said Government was disturbed by reports of power transmission disruptions linked to vandalism of electricity infrastructure and the attendant negative impact on ordinary people and business operations.

“We are convinced that those who steal transformers either work for Zesa or are related to Zesa workers because you need some degree of information and technology to steal these transformers, and you must know that there is some danger involved,” said President Mnangagwa.

“Transformers are being stolen countrywide and we need to find a way to stop this stealing.”State media

Emmerson Mnangagwa