Woman Bashes Hubby In Fight Over Beer
19 October 2019
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A WOMAN from Bulawayo escaped jail for bashing her husband with an iron rod in a fight over five litres of alcohol that she had consumed.

Rosemary Ndlovu (20) from Pumula suburb struck Mr Bukhosi Ndlovu (30), who is employed at Ingwebu Breweries, with a metal rod after he scolded her for drinking his liquor.

Mr Ndlovu sustained injuries on his arm and was admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital.
Rosemary pleaded guilty to physical abuse before Western Commonage magistrate Ms Tancy Dube.
The magistrate ordered her to go to a police station and pay a fine after Mr Ndlovu withdrew the charges.

Rosemary said she attacked her husband because he had accused her of infecting him with Se_xually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

“I assaulted him because he accused me of infecting him with STIs. I lost my cool and attacked him. I also drank all his beer because I was craving for it,” she said.
Prosecuting, Mr Chief Muteve said the incident occurred on July 7 this year at around 10PM.

“The complainant arrived home and discovered that his beer had been consumed and got angry.

“The complainant insulted the accused person who went outside to get a metal rod and attacked him,” he said.

Mr Muteve said neighbours heard Mr Ndlovu screaming and they rushed to the scene to stop Rosemary from further assaulting him.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Rosemary’s arrest.State media