Zanu PF Must Lift Political Sanctions Imposed On Diasporans
22 October 2019
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By Jeffryson Murisi David Chitando

A Few days ago Zanu PF was generously helping Mozambicans in Zimbabwe to vote.

Many people alleged that the Zanu PF government was an accomplice in vote rigging for that country ‘s ruling party.

The debate here is not about if Zanu PF had a helping hand in vote rigging in the Mozambican elections but about diaspora voting rights.

Mnangagwa was not even ashamed to help the people of Mozambique to exercise their democratic political right to vote as diasporans while he is denying his own people the same.

It is estimated that 3-4 millions potential voters are living in the diaspora.

These people’s rights are not recognized by this regime.

Zanu PF must understand that for Zimbabwe to continue to tick ,its the role diasporans play.Zimbabwe’s biggest industry is “DIASPORA.

The foreign currency in circulation in the country is mainly contributed by the diasporans as they send to friends and relatives.

Diasporans are responsible for payment of medical bills,help during funerals,pay school fees,buy groceries and many other .This they are doing because the Zanu PF government has destroyed the economy. Our industries are operating below 20% due lack of electricity,water , fuel and many other ZanuPF induced challenges.

The Zimbabwean Constitution is very clear that it allows the diaspora vote but the Zanu PF thinks otherwise.

The Zanu PF government is clearly violating the constitution on diaspora vote.

The Zanu PF government has imposed political sanctions against its own people in the diaspora .

SADC which is foolishly supporting Zanu PF government on the 25 October Anti-santions march has never voiced against Zanu PF.

Zimbabweans living in diaspora must stage democratic demonstrations at Zimbabwean Foreign Mission Offices and respective Parliament building demanding that Zanu PF to unconditionally lift the political voting sanctions against its own people in the diaspora.

” SADC and ZanuPF Kuda kuona kauswa kari muziso romumwe asi mako mune zitsiga

Charity begins at home.SADC must call their colleague to order before they try ” kuda kuita hweTower light rinoona zviri kure kure asi muzasi maro riri rima chete chete”

Diasporans the best opportunity to demand the Zimbabwean ZanuPF government to lift the political voting sanctions it imposed on you is on 25 October.

“Hatide munhu who is known for marriage counselling but iye muchato wake asingaugone!”