ZANU PF MPs Desert Parliament As Mudenda Clashes With MDC
23 October 2019
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By Own Correspondent| ZANU PF MPs deserted Parliament when speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda clashed with MDC MPs.

It all happened when Mudenda had ruled that Zengeza MP, Job Sikhala together with Hon Toffa should exit the house.

The two refused and swiftly obtained protection from the rest of their party colleagues.

Mudenda also ordered police to eject Toffa and Sikhala, but the cops did not comply. The law says that no police officer should enter the house. Mudenda wanted the officers to enter the building and eject the MPs, albeit to no avail. The MDC MPs then broke into song to the tune of “Chamisa Mai Mwana!” Somewhat responding to the “electricity” in the house, the singing, ZANU PF deserted the house.

Below is a clip from the latter animated moments: