Prominent Prophet’s Rape Case Opens Can Of Worms
24 October 2019
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Appearing before Magistrate’s courts yesterday, Spenlodge’s employee (name withheld) spilled the beans on the cleric’s alleged bogus miracles, claiming that she was employed to assist him in stage-managing the miracles at his shrine.

After every service, I am the one who receives money from Madenyika to pay these people.

On the day the incident occurred, I had gone to see him to collect money to pay people whom I had brought to church, and he asked me to get into his car and I complied.

He drove to a secluded place which was more like a dumping site and he raped me.
After raping, he told me that I should not tell anyone about the incident and that even if I was to report him to the police, nothing would happen to him since he is well connected and a member of a political party.

The court heard that on August 27, Madenyika called the complainant to meet him at a service station in Southerton so that he could give her money.

At around 7-45 pm, Madenyika arrived at the service station and asked the complainant to get into his car on the pretext that he wanted to give her the money in private.

The court heard that the complainant got into the back seat and Madenyika drove along Harare Drive and parked the car near Willow road. It is alleged that Madenyika went to the back seat and began molesting the complainant before he raped her.

He reportedly ordered her not to tell anyone before driving away from the scene. Madenyika then later dropped off the complainant.

The complainant left her panties in the car and went to her friend’s house. The friend then accompanied her to their pastor’s house to report the rape.