Anti-Sanctions March :Open Letter To SADC
25 October 2019
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Ref: Demonstrations against Sanctions in support of Zimbabwe

We are writing to you as citizens of Zimbabwe, to convey our dismay in the position you have taken to choose to support Zimbabwe government in condemning sanctions which were put in place to ensure Zimbabwean Leadership and government resort back to the dictates of good governance and respect of human rights.

Instead of you as a body using the opportunity to insist on the founding principles of this organisation and encourage the Zimbabwe government to refrain from brutalising and killing its citizens, you are choosing to ignore those fundamentals that would promote peace and stability in our region. We as citizens of Zimbabwe who have suffered years of persecution, brutality , abductions, rape and various forms of abuse, are also appalled by your narrative of these targeted sanctions.

The narrative and interpretation of these sanctions being perpetuated by Zimbabwe Government are propagandist, misleading and misguided to the generality of our people. The people of Zimbabwe are in a fundamental crisis because of lack of leadership, accountability, rule of law and inconsistent policy of both economic and political framework, that inspires citizens to participate in our national developmental and economic planning.

Elections in Zimbabwe continue to be the source of political conflict and instability rather than good governance and prosperity. SADC has failed to stamp its authority and authenticity in ensuring an effective policy framework that promotes genuine elections as an expression of sovereignty, that will provide the basis for the authority and legitimacy of a government acknowledged and given consent by the citizens. Genuine democratic elections serve to be internationally recognised as well as good human rights practices, and are central to the maintenance of peace and stability. Where government’s are legitimised through overwhelming consent of their citizens, the scope for non democratic challenges to power is reduced. All political power emanates from people.The standoff in Zimbabwe and the challenges confronting us is between citizens and the state. If the principles of democracy are to be enshrined and respected, a government from the people should be able to dialogue with its citizens and be able to understand the impact and importance of the people’s consent in governance.

Supporting anti sanctions demonstrations with the Zimbabwean government is more like rejecting your own people that you lead and converting our governments to Monarchy Supremes. That will continue to impede economic growth, development, infrastructure and political stability. We are pleading with SADC as a body which believes in democracy, rule of law, stability and peace for promoting transformation and prosperity to be an arbitrator between our government and the citizens rather than being seen as an enemy of citizens and ordinary people. Your role in the region must reflect progress in all your objectives to achieve economic development, peace, security, growth and alleviate poverty, resulting in enhancing the standard and quality of life of the people of our region.

We have written this letter to you as a gesture of peace, respect and responsibility of the role you were founded upon. We believe and remain with hope that you being equipped with clear information, knowledge, understanding and compassion, with a sincere heart, you will be able to resolve our challenges as country and be able to foster peace and prosperity in our society.

Yours faithfully

Citizens of Zimbabwe