Drone Video Proves BBC, AlJazeera Didn’t Tell The Truth About ED’s Sanctions March
26 October 2019
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BBC and Al Jazeera have both differed with local media over the turnout at yesterday’s demonstration against US and EU imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

While local media labelled the rally a big flop, western media were singing from a different hymn book as they all gave a thumps up to the march that since been condemned as a waste of resources.

ZimEye carried out it’s own investigation using LIVE drone footage and below were our findings.

Below are screenshots from the the BBC and Al Jazeera reports on the anti-sanctions march.

On the 25th of October 2019, a group of Zimbabweans began marching across the capital city Harare. It was a rally march in protest against the said sanctions against the nation of Zimbabwe by Western Nations of the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The scene for SADC’s Day Against Sanctions was perfect: Africa’s best city with the highest literacy the whole continent, Harare.

Over 60,000 people are expected to crowd up in Harare to complain about restrictive measures slapped against Emmerson Mnangagwa and members of his close clique. The people are not at all the 60,000 but they truly marched in support of Mnangagwa.

But how many are they?

And of those who were present, how many did it out of conviction? ZimEye followed the crowd all the way to the national sports stadium, by air and road.

ZimEye found a tiny fraction of the envisaged crowd marching into the stadium function which however turned out to be the lowest attended government function since 1980. But why?

Those who attended were given a box each of chicken Slice and a drink free of charge in what appeared like an incentive to attend.

Many of those who attended soon began running away from Mnangagwa while he was speaking and police officers began threatening them so they remain at the premises. But why?

Could the reason be simply this one, which is that the politicians demanding to be removed from the sanctions list are the same criminals who were filmed on ZBC television announcing the use of the army to kill civilians just so to alter the 2018 national election results?

Could it be that these are the same criminals who soon after removing Robert Mugabe in 2017 looted over USD5,9 billion from the central bank, RBZ, in less than 5 months of the November coup?

Could it be that the people knew very well that the natiom of Zimbabwe lost a further USD16billion due to the military operation run to change election results in Aug 2018?

Could it be that the people knew that even the motive to deploy the army to kill people so to change election results was broadcast on ZBC LIVE by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s own office, right in his presence while smiling? Let us not forget that as late as October 2019, a criminal prosecution file was opened in Serbia under international law over the same matter.

Could it be that the citizens of Zimbabwe do not find any sense in recognising a “president” who as late as October 2019 told a business trade meeting in Bulawayo he will kill people who do not agree with him?

The lack of motivation could it be in that the people who are currently running the country are not at all politicians they are a bunch of criminals who according to local and international standards do not belong anywhere but maximum prison? Could it be? Could it be? Could it be? And if it is not, what else is it? All replies to ZimEye –