Mnangagwa Faces Mass Uprising Over ZESA Tariffs
26 October 2019
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa risk facing a spontaneous mass uprising from the people of Zimbabwe if he does not deal with the escalating price of electricity a political analyst has said.

In the recent past Zimbabweans have taken to social media to express their displeasure at the way that the electricity tariffs have increased.

Social activist Thandeka Moyo posted on Twitter saying, “I’m traumatised beyond measure, the 48 units of power I bought on Tuesday at a whopping $200 just ran out. What’s your ZESA situation like guys? How are you managing? You all seem unbothered. Could this be a unique problem or targeted sanctions against me maybe?”

One Wonder Bhaku said, “Some of us have since stopped using our stoves. We are only using ZESA for pressing, lights and fridges. Power is now beyond the reach of many! We are bothered and we could be demonstrating if they don’t shoot protestors to kill!”

Political analyst Shephard Dube said these kind of situations were a breeding ground for mass uprisings.

Said Dube, “What you are seeing now happening is what happens when a spontaneous genuine mass uprising is about to take place. People in urban areas are now complaining about the electricity tariffs which are affecting their homes and their business since most of them are self-employed.

“Remember the recent uprising in Sudan was because of the price of bread. So Mnangagwa must be aware lest an un coordinated no- partisan uprising takes place and he won’t be able to shoot them all as he did in January. The MDC has been failing to organise people because there is to attain a political gain but when the masses rise up to demand electricity and their livelihoods you will see soon an unstoppable incessant wave that will topple the regime in Harare.”

An average family now uses an electricity of about $200 yet civil servants earn a salary of $500.