Binga Man Punishes Girlfriend With Anal S*x For Refusing To Marry Him
27 October 2019
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A MAN from Binga has been jailed 16 years after he kidnapped his 24-year-old girlfriend before savagely engaging in anal rape which lasted the whole night as a way of punishing her for refusing to be his second wife.

Pangayitari Mudimba of Siantibule Village, Lubu in Binga appeared before Hwange regional magistrate Mr Collet Ncube last week facing kidnapping/ unlawful detention and four counts of rape.

Mr Ncube slapped him with a 16-year jail term, two years of which were conditionally suspended.

Mudimba, who pleaded not guilty, said he wanted to marry the woman although he already had a wife and that he had consensual anal sex.

“Your worship, I did not rape her, she is my girlfriend. I actually told her that I intended to marry her so I took her to my homestead where we had consensual sex. 

“She is aware that I have a wife already and was upset that I was rushing her as she argued that she was not yet ready,” he said.

The court heard that on 31 October 2018 at about 7pm Mudimba called the woman on her phone and told her to bring him his cellphone by the roadside which she was in possession of. 

She complied and went to meet him while in the company of her sister’s daughter.

After handing over the phone, Mudimba suddenly grabbed her hand and told her that she was not going anywhere. 

He then dragged her towards his homestead. She tried to free herself from Mudimba’s hold by biting him on the arm. 

However, Mudimba retaliated by also biting her on her shoulder.

The sister’s daughter then rushed back home and alerted the elders about what had happened.

The woman managed to also phone some relatives but they could not come and rescue her.

When they reached Mudimba’s homestead she once again tried to escape but Mudimba pushed her into a hut and locked her inside.

The court heard that Mudimba threatened to kill the woman before he tried to rape her. 

The woman resisted at first and slept head down but Mudimba then raped her from the back.

He repeated the act the whole night without the woman’s consent.

At dawn, Mudimba went out leaving the door unlocked and that was when she ran away and reported the matter to her mother who then reported to the police resulting in Mudimba’s arrest.

The woman was referred to Binga District Hospital for medical examination. Mr Vumizulu Mangena represented the State.

-State Media