“Ndinyengeiwo Girl” Pregnant?
3 January 2020
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Lorraine Guyo

Zimetro|Comedienne and socialite Lorraine Guyo of the Ndinyengeiwo game, has pictures of her circulating looking like she is pregnant. This has raised eyebrows as to whether the comedienne is pregnant or not.

Is Lorraine Guyo Pregnant? Akazonyengwa?

Could it be that she was rehearsing a scene on set or she could be really pregnant after showing off that she has moved on over the past few months?

Guyo, who rose to prominence with the Ndinyengeiwo skit, has not posted anything on her social media pages to confirm whether it is true or not.

In the pictures, she appears with one of the Zimcelebs admins and Enock Chisale. Chisale refused to comment, saying Lorraine was the one who could give the correct answers.

Guyo said she would not comment on her pictures. “People have circulated my pregnancy rumors before and it is not new “As for the pictures you saw on social media, I have no comment,” she said.