Just In : Sikhala Treason Trial Postponed As ED Prosecutors Plead:”We Are Still Unprepared”
24 January 2020
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Farai Dziva|The trial of MDC deputy chairperson Job Sikhala has been postponed to 03 – 07 February, the party has said.

The trial was scheduled for January 27-30.

“The Treason trial of the MDC Deputy National Chair Hon JobSikhala that was scheduled to kick off on Monday 27-31 January 2020 has been postponed to 03 – 07 February for the State has indicated its unpreparedness on the case,” said the Movement for Democratic Change in a statement.

It was at the time of writing believed the National Prosecuting Authority intends to cook up evidence against Sikhala having failed to prove a prima facie against him for treason.

The latest decision comes barely 3 days to his trial on allegations of subverting or attempting to overthrow a constitutional government.

This is a charge according to the State papers which emanates from a purported video downloaded from the Twitter account of one Jones Musara, a ZANU PF activist based in Toronto, Canada.

In the video aforesaid Jones Musara purports that Sikhala addressed people urging them to overthrow Mnangagwa.

A constitutional government is that which drives its authority from the governed through a free and fair election devoid of manipulation and fraud.

A number of ZANU PF activists and their surrogates were celebrating that the hour of Sikhala fix had come.

Sikhala has been arrested 63 times from 2000 to present. Records show he was never convicted on any case from rape to murder. All turned out to be persecutions disguised as prosecutions.


One good soul in this party of the deranged once said that the late Robert Mugabe was different from this clown we currently have among ourselves masquerading as a President.

Mugabe would not interfere with the judiciary. He would only interfere on matters that directly threatened his power, like the Presidential election petition challenging his legitimacy. That he would not mind how the judiciary deals with other matters outside threat to his power. So he goes on to say that, that’s why the late Morgan Tsvangirai was acquitted on two crucial cases.

One when he threatened to remove Mugabe violently if he didn’t want to go peacefully.

The second one being the Ari Ben Manashe drama which was packaged as a Treason trial. He further says that our present clown phones directly Public Prosecutors and judiciary officers to give instructions.

The charge Sikhala is facing is a specie of Treason. It has a mandatory sentence of 20 years in prison without an option of a fine.

The demented ones in the club of fools, which ZANU PF people are, waffle that you deserve what you are getting because you were not supposed to say what you said. In the State papers the overzealous “unknown reward” seeking ignorant police officers say that by threatening to remove Mnangagwa from power Sikhala was seeking to change the hands of power before his term expires in 2023.

In the study of constitutionalism, an individual does not constitute a government. A government is constituted by its three branches, that is, the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. Mnangagwa is an individual who is not all or any of that. He can go today, the Executive may remain as constituted minus him, the Judiciary will remain the same, so is the Legislature. When individuals turn themselves into governments, you must know that, that country is cursed. And let it be known that Mnangagwa is not government. Government is instituted in terms of the constitution with its distinct branches.

Mnangagwa is not all that. He is just a Sherwood Farm fish farmer who occupies an office which is not defined to belong to him. It can be occupied by anyone if he perishes today.

So anyone in his or her perverted disposition who thinks that this trial is going to be sadza eating jamboree should take a strange dog for a wife.

Those extractors of the purported documentary from a ZANU PF malcontent living far away in Canada must be prepared for the nightmare of their lives.

We saw the overzealous ones during the Treason trial of Morgan Tsvangirai behaving as if everybody was borrowing the air we breath from them including Augustine Chihuri. When you meet them in streets today they look pathetic and deranged, with nothing to show for the bombastic self they were demonstrating during the material time. Since time immemorial, Sikhala has never received the level of solidarity, prayers and encouragement like what he is currently receiving. This is a demonstration that the people of Zimbabwe are not fools as envisaged by someone who encourages everyone to feed on vegetables daily until Kingdom comes.

Be reassured that gloves are off. The titanic battle has begun. In his life he has lost battles but not a war. This is a war, not a war for myself but for everyone who believes in a free and democratic Zimbabwe.