Driven Away From Home By Political Persecution
27 January 2020
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Political persecution continues to drive Zimbabweans away from home. One such person is Rudo Chimhanda whose family is under attack from Zanu PF. Her crime being an ardent member of the opposition MDC.

Now based in Germany, Chimhanda now fears for her family which is being tormented.

“In the January 2018 demonstration against fuel price increase protesters attacked me. I took refuge at my parlour upon arrival at the salon there were two double cab vehicles, three men got out, and started to beating me up. I was taken to what looked like an army barrack. I was tortured and kept there for 8 days, no food no water” recalls Chimhanda

Dumped in the high density suburb of Highfields, with swollen eyes and eyeglasses taken she could not see properly she sought help from passerby.

“I was dumped in Highfields Zimbabwe grounds. I could not walk my eyes were swollen, I couldn’t see properly my specs had been taken. I managed to seek for help my crime was being a strong member of the MDC where I do not hold any position except assisting my residential MP” she said

At her massage parlour she interacted with people from across the political divide and a large number were from her favourite party.

“As a member, I offered the MDC leadership to come for treatment at the parlour, I did this in order to market my business being influential people they would draw in clients.
In August I participated in demonstration. When the police started to fire bullets at the protesters, I took refuge at my parlour, here other protestors followed.

“Suddenly the army arrived, I was beaten up and thrown in a truck and taken to Harare central police station. I was tortured and questioned before they took me to Goromonzi where I was tortured before being taken to court” said Chimhanda

She was only released on bail after the magistrate observed swells. She had to seek help from the MDC who took her to a safe house and was able to escape to South Africa.

Her security was under threat prompting her to escape to Germany where is now based. Her parents are now being persecuted for their daughter’s sins.