FULL PRINT: Another Child Of Mufudzi Chambuka’s Deprived Of Total £4,196 Maintenance Money Despite Dad Bagging Hefty Monthly Salary
31 January 2020
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Below is the footprint evidence of another child who has lost child maintenance money as the UK based nurse Mufudzi Chambuka bagged over £4,000 monthly salary.


The recently wedded pole dancer, Bev Sibanda’s husband, Mufudzi Chambuka telephoned ZimEye to tell his side of the story following a list of concerns, last night, and asked for a private engagement instead of a public one, a direct contradiction to his earlier request.

The list of complaints against him were:

1. Bedding several women one after the other without contraception.

2. Making several kids and then failing to pay maintenance for them, despite earning more than £4,000 per month.

3. Falsely claiming he is a medical doctor (the matter which triggered the original and ongoing public outrage.)

4. Running away with a girlfriend’s private car worth £3413,00.

Mr Chambuka had telephoned ZimEye at 1pm to tell his side of the story.

He was given over 40 minutes which he asked to be private time, while disrupting a News Review program.

A serious challenge emerged when it turned out he just wanted a private engagement with media. He consumed over 40 minutes of time trying to convince a journalist over his version of the story. He was told he has to address the complainants and the public as this was now a public matter.

When the session was continued, Mr Chambuka began shifting statements and communicating falsehoods over the £3,413.00 he unjustly enriched himself from his ex girlfriend in a car purchase in Chelmsford, Essex last year. He also duped her £5,000 in cash.

A receipt document was produced to prove that E has lied on the £3413.

Zimbabweans ended up standing on their feet for nearly 5 hrs as data explosions unroled before their eyes. Below were the live engagements: