RBZ Governor Magudya Must Be Smoking A Dangerous Substance!
18 February 2020
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Reserve Bank Governor, John Mangudya’s misleading, misguiding, misinforming and deceiving de-dollarization utterances outpoured yesterday in his presentation of what was supposed to be a Financial Monetary Policy is complete hogwash and rubbish!

In his utter nonsense and delusional stupor disguised as a Financial Monetary Policy, Mangudya claimed that the country is on the right track in curbing inflation since the ban of multi currency system.

A modern day Annanias, Mangudya deliberately lied that businesses no longer trade in foreign currency but Zimdollar yet we all know that US dollar is now our de facto legal tender.

From every tuck shop to street vendor and retailers to wholesalers, all business transactions including of basic goods are being conducted in US dollar and not in Mangudya’s useless and valueless paper currency.

Clearly Mangudya must be smoking a substance that is dangerous to his mental well being!

Just like his masters Mthuli Ncube and Emmerson Mnangagwa, clearly Mangudya is not in sync with the realities on the ground!

If anything, Mangudya is an insult to the sancrosanct office of Reserve Bank Governor which was once occupied by men of repute, probity, excellence and honor like Leonard Tsumba and Kombo Moyana.

To better understand Mangudya’s chameleonic tendencies, it is important to unpack this treacherous fellow.

Mangudya is the very same man who deliberately lied to the whole nation that surrogate Bond Note is one as to one with US dollar!

This is the very same chap who fooled the whole nation to adopt plastic money only to later connive in dark corridors with Mthuli Ncube to rob the public through 2% taxation on every transaction.

Overtly Magudya is a master of inconsistency and policy summersault!

That this useless Governor even talks of improvements because of de-dollarization in five years is a clear indication that the man is divorced from political and economic realities of the day.

Mangudya is blind and deaf to the fact that citizens are hungry and angry.

In five years time Mangudya and his political master Emmerson Mnangagwa will already be gathering dust in political museum!

Mangudya should wake up, sober up and smell the coffee because the winds of change are blowing through the air!

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson