24 February 2020
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Reflections at 27

Ostalos Siziba

Fellow Zimbabweans and fellow Africans today l celebrate 27 years of existence on this mother earth.

I thank the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to live once more and explore the world in a bid to make it a better place. I thank you all who have contributed to my journey on this planet, my biological family headed by my father Hebert as well as my evergrowing family of Democrats led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa a great revolutionary.

I salute my fellow comrades whom I’ve worked with, in this struggle to transform Zimbabwe into a modern Democratic Developmental State.

I take this day to reflect on the road l have traversed thus far and the task upon the shoulders of our generation to liberate our country from the shackles of dictatorship, corruption, nepotism, kleptocracy, nihilism, fascism, autocracy and absolute state failure!

I celebrate this day at a time when things are not well in the motherland- the decay of the social fabric, the incarceration of human rights defenders { in particular my brother Cde Mako} and the decay of our national economy which continues to serve the few at the expense of the many. I reflect on this because it is out of this crisis that our nation will be made great through our protracted and scientifically organised struggle for democratic change and transformation in our own lifetime!

My wish and desire is that l genuinely work to make the world a place habitable by all regardless of one’s social, economic and cultural status.

To fight, read, speak, transform and develop.

As long as we live, an egalitarian society is what we will continue to fight for!

’til Victory Comrades,

Aluta Continua!